Ports North employs approximately 80 staff comprising full time, part time, temporary and contract positions.

These positions cover management, professional, technical, administrative and operational roles across our organisation.

We consider equal opportunity a basic principle and all of our appointments are strictly based on merit.

Job vacancies are advertised on our website and in relevant newspapers as they become available.

Application Process

Applications provide the basis for assessment regarding job suitability. Once assessed, individuals will be selected for interviews.

It is recommended that your application include a cover letter and resume summarising your knowledge, skills, work experience and education/qualifications in relation to the key requirements of the position.

Copies of mandatory qualifications (where applicable) may need to be presented at interview.

If a candidate proceeds to the interview stage they will be asked to provide referees that can be contacted to verify any information supplied in the application and interview process.

At the conclusion of the selection process both the successful and unsuccessful candidates will be notified.

All applications must be received by the date expressed on the corresponding advertisement and should be emailed to recruitment@portsnorth.com.au.  If you are unable to submit via email, applications can be forwarded by post to Ports North's Corporate Office.


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