Cairns Shipping Development Project

The Cairns Shipping Development Project has been granted environmental approval by the Queensland Coordinator-General.

Further approvals are being processed, including Commonwealth Government environmental approval in accordance with the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act and completion of a detailed business case in accordance with the Building Queensland Framework. 

Ports North is continuing to work with the parties to finalise these approvals as soon as possible in order to move forward to the construction stage of the Project.

The Project will enable 1 million cubic metres of capital dredge volume to be placed on land at a cost of $120 million and enable cruise ship growth for vessels up to 300m with a forecast demand of an additional 103 cruise ships through the Port of Cairns by 2031.

All reports submitted by Ports North on behalf of the Queensland Government and in response to support from industry and business in North Queensland can be viewed below.

For information about the project, see the Revised Draft EIS Fact Sheet (July 2017).

Response to EIS Submissions

Supplementary Report to Revised EIS

Revised Draft EIS - 11 July 2017




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