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Port of Cairns

Cairns Seaport is a multi-purpose regional port that caters to a diverse range of customers from project, bulk and general cargo, cruise shipping, fishing fleet and reef passenger ferries.

The Port's bulk cargo includes petroleum products, sugar, fertiliser and liquid petroleum gas. The Port's project cargo contracts range from the Rio Tinto Amrun Bauxite Mine construction project to the Ratch Australia Corporation’s Mount Emerald Wind Farm project and the MSF Sugar Tableland Mill power station project.

The Port has long been the natural consolidation and redistribution centre for supplies shipped to the coastal communities north of Cairns as well as the Torres Strait Islands and the Gulf of Carpentaria.

The Port is one of Australia's busiest cruising destinations with both major international cruise ships and a number of domestic cruise vessels operating out of Cairns.

Maintenance Dredging at the Port of Cairns for 2021

Ports North wishes to advise the 2021 annual channel maintenance dredging program has begun today (June 10).

The TSHD Brisbane will carry out the dredging over approximately three weeks and will be assisted by the bed leveller Pacific Titan for some parts of the inner port.

As with each year’s maintenance program:

  • The Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd has provided an updated Environmental Management Program for operation of the TSHD Brisbane;
  • Pre-dredge hydrographic surveys have been completed and siltation volume removal is of an average amount;
  • The annual Sediment Analysis Plan for the channel dredging areas shows results consistent with the long term trend of uncontaminated status material.

Port users are reminded to follow advice from the Harbour Master on port access restrictions while maintenance dredging is ongoing.


Cairns Marlin Marina

Australia's premier marina provides first-class facilities and customer service for a diverse fleet including some of the world's most advanced super yachts.

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Cairns Port History

Ports North, formerly the Cairns Port Authority and Cairns Harbour Board, is arguably the most important organisation in the history of Cairns and the district.

Created in 1906, it has evolved to meet changing conditions and often led the way in the introduction of new technology and critical regional development.  

In many respects the history of Ports North is the history of Cairns.  The town was established to provide a port for the hinterland mining industry, and the Cairns Harbour Board and the seaport remained at the core of the town's existence.



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