Master Planning

As the region’s economy grows so, too, does our need to ensure our ports stay in step.

This is fundamental to our vision: to be a successful, sustainable Port operator and a valued contributor to regional economic growth.

To do this we have begun a ‘Ports Master Planning Project’ to assist in plotting a balanced course for our land use, infrastructure and operational decisions over the next 30 years.

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Ports North wants to create economically feasible growth pathways at our ports while protecting the environmental values of the Far North and ensuring this growth is compatible with the communities in which our ports operate.

We value your input and look forward to shaping our Master Planning Project process with the region’s interests at its core.

Our Fact Sheet (below) explains the stages of the Project.

In parallel with the Master Planning Project, Ports North is also developing a Sustainability Strategy which will assess our business and governance against United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Master Planning 2019 Fact Sheet 


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