Development Approvals

Any activity classified as development in Queensland must obtain approval under the Planning Act 2016.

The approval process is facilitated by an assessment manager (generally your local council).  However, as part of the process, where development impacts on state transport interests, applications must be forwarded (referred) to the Department of Transport and Main Roads for assessment.

The Planning Act 2016 (Planning Act) is the primary planning and development assessment legislation in Queensland and affords Port jurisdictional powers and responsibilities to manage development on Strategic Port Land.

The Planning Act integrated the approvals process in Queensland by facilitating a 'one stop shop' approach to development assessment.

The purpose of the Planning Act is to seek to achieve ecological sustainability by:

  • Managing the process by which development takes place, including ensuring the process is accountable, effective and efficient and delivers sustainable outcomes;
  • Managing the effects of development on the environment, including managing the use of premises; and
  • Continuing the coordination and integrating of planning at the local, regional and State levels.


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