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Contracts & Tenders

We use this site to advertise Request for Tenders, Expressions of Interest  and general enquiries, and provide businesses with access to the current available tenders/EOI's and the related details surrounding each opportunity.

Ports North utilises the Queensland Governments QTenders website for our listings. 

** Please note that to access the downloadable documents via QTenders, you are firstly required to register with them.

Ports North is responsible for the development and management of port facilities vital to the development of Cairns and regional centres in Far North Queensland.  The Corporation has extensive property, marina, tourism and cargo facilities in Cairns and its regional ports.

Current Contracts & Tenders

tENDER-  PN0688 - Marlin Marina - Protective Coatings to Marina Piles

Ports North owns and maintains the Cairns Marlin Marina which consists of floating pontoon systems supported by steel and concrete piles and protected by an outer wave screen structure. 

Within the marina there are approximately 51 steel piles of varying sizes and profiles. The intention of this contract is to rehabilitate the protective coatings to these piles.

Ports North invites tender submissions from suitably qualified and available contractors with appropriate experience in the application of high-quality marine paint systems to carry out this rehabilitation.

Works are within an operational marina and will include the provision of appropriate access and environmental controls in the tidal zone.

Staging and programming of the works will be critical to safe and successful delivery whilst minimising disruption to berth users.

Tenders close 12 noon,  Wednesday, July 17, 2020


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