Contracts & Tenders

We use this site to advertise Request for Tenders, Expressions of Interest  and general enquiries, and provide businesses with access to the current available tenders/EOI's and the related details surrounding each opportunity.

Ports North utilises the Queensland Governments QTenders website for our listings. 

** Please note that to access the downloadable documents via QTenders, you are firstly required to register with them.


Current Contracts & Tenders

Tender PN 0661 - Supply of Steel Piles for Wharf 1-6 Upgrade

  • Submissions close 12 noon Monday, 29 April 2019

TENDER PN0662 - Relocation of Beacons, please refer to the link below to the Building and Asset Services (BAS) eTender site (not QTender), which you will also be required to register to access the Tender Documents.


  • Submissions close 12 noon Monday, 13 May 2019

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