Land Use Plan

Ports North has prepared Land Use Plans (LUPs) for all strategic port lands under its control.

These Land Use Plans (LUPs) are approved by the Minister of Transport and must specify details of:

  • the Port Authority’s strategic port land;
  • the land the Port Authority proposes to become strategic port land; and
  • the current and proposed uses of the land;

the Port Authority must:

  • coordinate and integrate the core matters relevant to the LUPs;
  • identify desired environmental outcomes of the land; and
  • include measures that will help achieve the desired environmental outcomes.

Development control of strategic port land is the responsibility of Far North Queensland Ports Corporation Limited (trading as Ports North), who is also the assessment manager for developments undertaken wholly on strategic port land, under the Planning Act 2016 (Planning Act).

Where development is proposed on land or water outside of the Port Authority's control, another State agency or entity will be the Assessment Manager.

The boundaries of strategic port land within Ports North's LUPs have been defined so that development within any particular precinct shall be wholly contained on strategic port land, to avoid (where possible) any confusion as to who is responsible for the assessment of any development applications.

The LUPs have been prepared as a planning document consistent with the provisions of the Planning Act. In this way, development controls on port strategic port land will be similar in many ways to development controls on adjacent land under the control of the relevant Council.

View the Land Use Plans, as below.



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