CRFC Security Awareness Training

Please watch the Cairns Reef Fleet Security Plan presentation and then complete the questionnaire below.

Cairns Reef Fleet Security Plan Presentation

CRFC Security Awareness Training

What are the objectives of the CRFC security awareness training? *
a. To understand why a security plan was developed and why it’s important
b. To provide details of the CRFC security plan
c. To inform you of CRFC security procedures and responsibilities
d. How to identify suspicious behaviour, items, and actions to take
e. All the above
What is the current Australian National Threat Level? *
a. Not expected
b. Possible
c. Probable
d. Expected
e. Certain
Why has the CRFC been identified as a possible terrorist target? *
a. Large number of people at predictable times
b. Open and easily accessible
c. Hard to protect
d. Allows for mass casualties
e. All the above
What areas does the CRFC security plan cover? *
a. Reef Fleet Terminal, Shangri-La, Salthouse
b. Marina, Marlin Wharf, Harbour lights
c. Reef Fleet Terminal, Marlin Wharf, A Finger
d. Marina, Marlin Wharf, Sailfish Quay
e. Salthouse, Pier Bar, Boatshed
You see an unattended bag that has been left at the entrance to the Reef Fleet terminal for an extended period, what should you do? *
a. Don’t worry about it, it’s probably a tourist’s and if not someone else will deal with it.
b. Open it up and check for valuables.
c. Take a closer look without disturbing it, if suspicious, clear the area and report it to management and marina staff.
d. Pick it up and take it to lost property



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