Port Facilities

Seaport Operations Officers

Seaport Operations Officers are on duty 24 hours per day. Contact the Seaport Operations Office on:

T: (07) 4051 2558

M: 0419 657 350

Cranes & Mobile Equipment

Mobile handling equipment is available from local stevedores or hire contactors. Load restrictions do apply within the Port and the use of cranes on any Port facility requires approval from the Seaport Operations Office.


CCTV cameras operate throughout the Seaport and periodic security patrols are undertaken. The Port of Cairns is a Regulated Port under the Maritime Transport Security Act 2003. A Security Plan for the Regulated Port is in place and there are specific requirements for all users of the Port to comply with under this Plan.


The Port of Cairns is a first port of entry and as the Cargo Terminal Operator (Australian Customs Act 1901) is required to operate the facility within these legislated requirements.  Further details on this, and other useful information, is available at the links below.

Cairns Cargo Terminal - USER Procedures

Cairns Cargo Terminal - Map


Electricity is connected to all wharves with both single-phase power and 3-phase power available at most berths on arrangement with the Seaport Operations Office. Advance notification is required. Electricity is charged at Ergon Energy Tariff rates. Vessels connecting to shore power supply must follow the Electrical Connection procedures.

Black & Grey Water

Disposal of black and grey water, treated or untreated into the marine environment is strictly prohibited. Pump out tankers are available to dispose of black water and sewage. Other waste disposal may require specific permits from local Council and Government agencies.


Quarantine waste services are available in the Port by contacting the Seaport Operations Office.


Fendering systems vary from wharf to wharf. Contact the Seaport Operations Office. Floating fenders are available on request.


Linesmen, porters etc are available through North Queensland Shipping Services or the agent.

Line launch is available from Ports North by contacting the Seaport Operations Office.


Svitzer is the licensed towage operator in the Port of Cairns. The use of the tugs is decided by the Pilot and Master based on the vessel, prevailing weather conditions and tides.


Fresh water is available on all berths on arrangement with the Seaport Operations Office. 35-50 tonnes/hr at Wharves 1-12.


For large quantities of fuel, bunkering lines can be used at Wharf 7, 8 or 10. For smaller quantities vessels can be supplied at a number of port facilities including CFB1 and CFB2 via road tanker under strict refueling procedures and with approval from the Seaport Operations Office.

A bunkering barge service is available if required.

For small commercial and fishing vessels, refuelling facilities are available at the Marlin Marina, Call sign “Mobil Marlin” on VHF 16 or ph 0408 515 955.


Northern Shipping and Stevedoring Pty Ltd (NSS) has a full time workforce supplemented as servicing outlying communities.

Emergency Services

Fire, Ambulance or Police
Dial 000
Oil Spill Dial (07) 4051 2558 (Operations)
Vessel Traffic Services Dial (07) 4052 7470
Office Hours Emergency Dial (07) 4051 2558
After Hours Emergency Dial (07) 4051 2558

Fire Hydrants and hose reels are located at all fingers and berths.


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