Cairns Marlin Marina a safe haven for superyachts

Published: 16 July 2020

16 July 2020

The Cairns Marlin Marina has become a safe haven for superyachts during the COVID 19 pandemic with more bookings on the way for the coming season.

Marina manager Andrew Rokstad said the early part of the year had been busy with vessels pulling in to port before COVID19 restrictions were put in place.

"We had with three superyachts extending their stay by three months.” he said. “At the moment we have five superyachts here, including an 85m, a 53m and three in the 40m range.

 “Forward bookings are also looking good for the upcoming season.”

Internationally, there has been a significant number of enquiries from superyachts wanting to make Cairns their destination. Although COVID 19 restrictions and regulations were a challenge, Mr Rokstad said there was a healthy sense of anticipation in the international community.

Marlin Marina has undergone some fine tuning in recent months with staff busy overseeing a new paint scheme for the reef Fleet terminal, a maintenance program progressing through all fingers, and the resurfacing of the Marlin Wharf pedestrian walkway and roofing replacement.

It comes as the Marina team step up its superyacht presence with a rebranding of the Marina, an updated website page, new brochures catering to the wider superyacht market, helpful guide handouts for superyacht visitors, as well as new uniforms to be ready in the coming weeks.

 “We cater to some of the biggest superyachts in the country. Our Marina is one of a few capable of welcoming vessels up to 140m in length and we have fantastic staff to ensure an outstanding visitor experience,” Mr Rokstad said.

 “We live in a glorious part of the world, we have a beautiful marina right next to the city, and we are always ready to share it with visitors.”

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